It's really nice when a band returns home to play a gig.

I was just thinking today about certain places and bands associated with them. I was saying to my mate she only wants to live in Liverpool because of the beatles but I was trying to think of any bands that really put where I come from on the map and found it impossible.

The only band I can think of from Leeds is the Kaiser chiefs are they're a bit wank.

What band puts your city on the map?
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The Beatles :P no really lol. Though as much as i appreciate it i live in the US and it gets really annoying when you say you're from Liverpool to ppl and they immediately start talking about the Beatles and ask if i have ever met any of them-given the fact i'm only 20 lol.
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nothing nobody is famous here, probably the only famous person from here was the crazy radio host wolfman jack.

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jet went to my school a few years back, so did another band called british india who are up and coming nationally here in australia
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There are alot of bands and musicians that have put Texas in general on the map. Flyleaf, Pantera, and Parabelle all hail from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The Mars Volta (while I haven't given their music too much thought, I still respect them) are from El Paso. ZZ Top are probably the most popular (and distinctly Texan) rock band to come from my hometown of Houston; I've got friends who have actually seen Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill around my area north of the city when they're not touring.
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No offence or anything, but you're mate is weird. Wanting to live in Liverpool just because the Beatles were formed here is just stupid... Liverpool is a great city, but not because the Beatles come from here.

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I cant stand the adverts every 5 minutes so often stick to 5 live. I do however think the traffic news is top class on our local radio - GWR bristol. other than that, i wouldnt say they particularly get involved in the community!