I was at a friend's house for band practice yesterday, and I was using my acoustic/electric Breedlove C25/SR instead of my usual electric PRS SE Singlecut . I'd brought both guitars and my VOX AD30VT (link is a similar, newer model than what I have) and instead of using the AD30VT with the acou./elec. like I do at home, I decided to plug my Breedlove straight into my friend's Roland KC-300 keyboard/mixer amp and I was really liking the no-bullshit sound I got out of it. Where my VOX is usually muddy, flat, and tends towards a rounded, bassy sound with the Breedlove (It's better with my electric), the Roland was clearer, more responsive, and while it had a nice, deep bass, the low end wasn't overpowering.

I'm off to college soon, and I plan on bringing the Breedlove but not the PRS, so I'm on the market for a relatively inexpensive amp that will give me a decent acoustic tone like the KC-300 did. KC-300's aren't terribly easy to come by these days, so could anyone recommend me a similar mixer amp or decent "acoustic amp" in the sub-$500 price range?