Pedal power supplies that I've seen mostly serve 9v pedals because most pedals are 9v. But some also serve 12v and 18v. My question is why do none of them have a 24v input? I have a Deluxe Electric Mistress which is 24v and I guess I'm mostly just annoyed that if I get, say, a Voodoo Lab 2+, I'll be able to power all my pedals, except for the DEM.

Is there any reason why none have a 24v input?
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The manufacterer probably sells them.

Otherwise, power supplies are pretty easy to build. Although I wouldn't necessarly recommend it to someone who doesn't know how it all works. Power supplies deals with the 120v/220v, which can be deadly in some cases.

If you wanna adventure yourself I can help you with the schematic and it should be wired. Or you can just try and see if the manufacterer sells 24v power supplies.
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