I've had this for as long as I've been playing guitar (which is about 2 years now) and i really have no idea what to do. I play at least an hour a day and usually alot more and have since I started but i haven't been improving much because i don't feel comfortable holding the pick at all and i compulsively stop playing and adjust it. I've watched a ton of videos on how to hold the pick correctly but I just cannot seem to get any comfort while playing. I've tried various picks and chocking up on the pick less, more or anything in between and it hasn't helped.
I never actually drop the pick, I just feel like its not in there right and it makes me lose focus. I can play past it if i really focus but then when i start playing something else it comes back.
I've begun to think that this is a psychological issue but I don't really know what to do about that either.
I've also reduced tension in my picking hand and arm and make sure to use my wrist when i play and use good posture and yet i can't get past this problem. Any suggestions? I know this sounds like a rant but I'm just extremely disappointed in myself.
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try a whole new way of holding the pick. There's no "right" way to hold it. It's whatever feels comfortable to you, and doesn't interfere with proper technique.
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What kind of pick do you use? I felt much less comfort holding standard Jazz III's than I do holding a pick with a more grip-y surface like the Ultex Jazz III. Also, depending on the angle and attack of your picking, you may be causing excess force on the pick which makes it feel like it's gonna fall out. Keep experimenting and maybe post a pic/video of you holding the pick and playing
Thanks for the replies.
I know there is no ''correct'' way but the way i started was using the pads of the thumb and first finger and i couldn't play very well so i looked for the so called correct way to guide me. I don't feel comfortable any way i hold the pick.
I 've tried the Jazz 3's but i never really wanted to rely on a specialty pick. I thought that it would be better if i started to feel comfortable using a more conventional pick and then if need be i'd switch..
I got 1mm dunlops about 4 months ago and have basically been sticking to those.
I'll get a picture up shortly, and I'll see if i can make a video.

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A lot of people do hold their pick like that, but to me it seems like you slide the pick a bit further down the side of your index finger so that it's not being pressed down on the joint of the finger if you get what I mean. Also, I don't go so far as to hold the pick with my pads, but to me it feels natural to have it sort of between the side and the pads, leaning more toward the side though.

To put it simply, just hold your hand naturally at rest, stick a pick between your fingers, and close your fingers onto the pick and however it is at its most natural/rested state should be optimal for you.

And it really isn't that big of a deal playing with a "speciality pick" it won't gimp your future technique with other picks (it'll always feel different/weird switching at first), and you'll end up ordering/buying enough of them that you should always have them on hand. I know I do.
Maybe it's in your head? You got this thing that 'I can't work the pick, this shit sucks'. That way it'll always bother you, no?

Just grab the pick don't think about how you're holding and play. The way you take the pick is what I'd think to be the most comftorable way.
Try using a coin maybe.

Or you could use the round side of the pick,
I read somewhere (i forget) Yngwie Malmsteen holds his pick at the edge of the round part, also James Hetfield holds his pick with thumb, index and middle
Eddie Van Halen holds his pick with thumb and middle finger.

These are just some other ways to use a pick.
I have tried to just play through it and not focus on it but it hasn't really worked.
And I tried playing with a coin before also, but that didn't help either.
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it seems like you slide the pick a bit further down the side of your index finger so that it's not being pressed down on the joint of the finger if you get what I mean.

I think i get what you mean but not fully. Do you think that could be the cause of my problem?
Try holding it closer to the tip of the index like fixationdarknes mentioned, that's how i hold mine. Also, you have to find the way that's most confortable for you mate, look at Friedman, the guy almost breaks his wrist playing, but it's clearly working for him.