I read a thread a few weeks ago and a poster had a problem chasing down an intonation problem, and someone recommended a strobe tuner. Please elaborate, and include recommended brands and prices. Thanks.
There's a limit to useful accuracy & 0.1 Cents is more than accurate enough. Speed of note detection isn't as important in of itself as demonstrated in the video. When intonating there's often a variation in the pitch of the note during initial attack and the dwell of the note. The most pleasing of the two is the latter which happens later on.

That being said the ST-200 is a nice little box! I think the true strobe display on the Peterson is easier to interpret as it locks up visually better tha the LEDs which may stop anyway on the perimeter but that kind of display costs a hell of a lot more than some LEDs to produce.
There seems to be a good amount of programmability to it (ST200) as well if you watch the actual product demo vs some guys side by side comparison.
There was no mention though of a buzz feiten setting so tempered tunings don't appear to be supported but not everyone requires that anyway.

I haven't seen the local prices on this box but if it's 1/2 the price of the Peterson, I'd certainly consider it for myself.
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Quote by KenG

I haven't seen the local prices on this box but if it's 1/2 the price of the Peterson, I'd certainly consider it for myself.

according to google shopping

st200 retails at £109
strobostomp2 at £ 149

both the cheapest price listed so the rrp you could add another £20

+ as you said the display on the strobostomp is more legible and stable, there is mention of the buzz feiten and other tempered tuning methods on the vids from the peterson site
I've had both the Peterson and the ST200. I like the display better on the ST200, but that's just a preference thing. The Peterson is certainly brighter, if that's a concern. I would not call it more stable or easier to read, again unless brightness is an issue. The ST-200 definitely tracks better than the Peterson. The difference in accuracy is negligible, they're both plenty accurate.
You can adjust the ST-200 for tempered tunings. I like the ST-200 better overall. It's a lot less bulky, the display is simpler, and it doesn't have screen issues like the Peterson units occasionally do. You can also feasibly use it with a battery, unlike the Peterson which eats them fairly quickly. Both great tuners, but the cheaper one is better IMO so not a hard decision for me.