So i'm making a partocaster that is going to be preeettttyyyy ridiculous.

60s road worn body
50s road worn neck
gotoh vintage locking tuners (relic'd)
callaham tremolo system and string tree
callaham special wound fralin pickups
Cryogenically treated CTS pots and switchcraft switch
Guitar fetish clapton "woman tone" mid booster and SRV frequency expander.
Alembic stratoblaster clone.
Neck+Bridge (gilmour mod) switch.

I'm going to try the stock nut before i decide to get a graphtec white tusq nut.

So as you can see, its going to be a BEAST! And look pretty schmick while its at it.

But here comes my dillemna.

3 electronics boards.... alll luckily using 9v batteries.

but 3.

Now this will be my third and least used guitar. probably cop a couple of hours a week actually plugged in. I have my own hand made sg (dimarzio Fred + SD Pearly Gates with bigsby) and my own firebired (emg 89 and 81 with reverse headstock) as my main guitars, but i needed some single coil goodness that the split coil 89 wasn't QUITE doing for me, works fine live, but i work as a studio engineer in a commercial studio, and i needed a strat that had UNLIMITED tonal possibilities, or as much as possible. Also depending on how big the gig my band is playing, i may take it as a third guitar, because i use multiple guitars to achieve multiple sounds that the other guitars can't achieve. (my "sg" can't do metal or that metal guitar sounding hard rock, but my "firebird" CAN'T do crunchy hard rock or classic rock. Both are just too humbuckery for cleans. The 89 does it ok though)

But back to the problem at hand!

I'd ideally like to stick 3 batteries in the guitar. And i'd really prefer not to route the body. I don't have a backplate so i can't do the clapton routing for the battery either.

If anyone has any suggestions it would be much appreciated. Really don't care if i have to take the pickguard off to change batteries. Its a non issue.

I was actually thinking of routing that section on the body that has about a 10c (about the size of a nickle?) hole that apparently most MIM bodies have. I mean if the power drain is going to be relatively small on a lithium battery so i only have to change it once every 6 months, or even 3, its so easy to change when i need to change strings, or every few changes.

So any opinions, advice comments.

All of its welcome.
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Three batteries are not going to fit into the guitar without routing, end of story. However, if you're particularly handy, you could try making an input jack for an external DC power supply and then work from there.
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Dang... fitting even one of those PCB's is gonna be precarious dude. I would route it. Maybe someone else could be more helpful... however I do DEMAND that you post clips when it's done 'cause that sounds like it'll be amazing.
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The boards i can fit, the stratoblaster will fit in the jack routing, the srv fits inbetween the two tone knobs and the woman tone replaces the 2nd tone knob.

Its going to be hell tight!

Yeah looks like routing is going to have to be my option. I can probably fit one battery ON the pickguard and one on the body, then route the hole where that MIM thing is.

Also, the neck has the same round hole in it. Will filling that up help with the tone exchange between neck and body. Oh yes, i'm talking about half inch hole decreasing my tone. Shoot me.
Just not sure what to fill it with, maybe just make a little thing out of wood. I just don't think filling it with epoxy will actually help.

Here are some pictures of how it is currently, just the wood and plastic. Tuners and some electronics on there way, hardware coming next week.
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