One of my humbucker pickups squeals and i read that squealing pickups are sometimes because when they are wound they have a lose part in the wire or something like that. It also said that when you talk into the pickup it works like a microphone and you can here yourself through the amp and mine dose that. It said that soaking the pickups in wax is meant to stop it. Are all pickups soaked by the manufacture? Could this be my problem? that the pickups weren’t soaked and could I just soak them myself?
pretty much yea. not all manufacturers pot their pickups and some don't do a very good job of it. I've done this to a pup after I did surgery on it (turn it into a 4 conductor). it's recommended to use something like half paraffin and half beeswax, but it doesn't really matter, I just used straight paraffin and it worked fine.

just get a hold of some wax (I bought a pack of candles and ripped the strings out of em) break it up into smaller pieces and get to melting. I basically made a double boiler - take a pot of water, place a container big enough to submerge the pickup inside the pot, make sure the water line is a decent amount below the rim of the inner container so that you don't get any water in your wax. get the water boiling and watch the wax slowly melt. doing it this way insures the wax doesn't burn or catch on fire.

then you repeatedly submerge the pickup, allowing it to cool a little each time so that the wax builds up inside.
Most humbuckers, with the exception of vintage PAF style pickups, are wax potted but it's very common for them to not be potted well enough. If you are getting squealing then met a pot of wax in a double boiler, don't put it on direct heat because that can cause a fire, and then drop your pickup and let it soak for about 10min and then take it out and let it cool. If your pickups doesn't have a cover then you want to put a rubber band around the pickup's tape so that it doesn't come off when potting.

Be careful not to let the wax get too hot. If you drip some of the wax on the back of your hand and it burns then the wax is hot enough to melt your pickup and destroy it. When you drip the wax on the back of your hand it should feel hot but shouldn't feel like it's burning.


^I had compleatly forgotten about that thread. As I was reading it I thought "wow! I wish I had seen this, but then I read further and found out that I had and had even posted several times. I still agree with everything I said in there. Wax potting makes your tone more "dry". Shellac potting adds a "brown" quality. Epoxy will make it more dry and brighter. No potting will give you more feedback but a more "airy" and "natural" tone. I also, still, think that beeswax is a bad idea. Beeswax is easier to work with because it melts and a lower temp and is softer, but it can also have corosive elements that will slowly eat away your pickup. The vast majority of vintage rewinds that I get need to be rewound because the beeswax corroded it's way through the copper wire. If they had used neat paraffin then it wouldn't have corroded and there is no audible difference between beeswax and paraffin. It's just guitarist snobbery.
Thanks for the link. I searched before i made the thread but didnt find anything. probly because i only found out what the right name for it is while I was writing the thread