okay, i play in 2 bands, but i need a ton of different sounds. one band plays things like underoath, so i need heavier tones and some pretty good distortion. the other is a contemporary christian band (hillsong mostly), so i need good cleans and some mild overdrive. that band is also writing music in the same style as the almost, mostly a strong distortion sound.

My question is, what would you use to get all of those tones with one amp, a couple pedals, and two or three guitars? i'm looking at buying some nicer stuff and i want to know what would work for all of these sounds.
Hmm, you should check out Laney amps, I hear they're *Godlike* in versatility.
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if you can afford it, i would recommend a recto, for the sole reason of the different modes
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Mesa Recto, Fryette Sig X, Peavey XXX, or Bugera 333XL are all great, versitile tube amps.
For guitars, I'd say an Ibanez Prestige with HSH. Most of em have edge tremelos, so if you use several tunings, I'd stick with a hardtail guitar, like a Gibson Flying V or Explorer
I've heard a Mesa Mark IV can handle everything. I can't confirm that though.

My friends Peavey Classic 50 can get pretty damn heavy without pedals as far as I've seen. But to get the modern metal tone you'll need a distortion pedal of some sort.
A triple X is ery versatile, and cheap used aswell. I got mine for 500 CAD. They sometimes go for like 400USD, the combo that is.
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The cheapest would be some sort of multi-fx. Right now I'm running a Digitech RP-500 into a Peavey Classic 30, and it gets me everything from Dream Theater to heavier metal stuff to the stuff we play in my youth band.
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