Alright, so I'm a noob bassist, I'm aware of this, and there is no need to make me aware of this. But I have a question. I am kinda short on cash, at the moment working with no budget. My band isn't even really together, so there is no rush on things, since we're short members. My question is, if I bought a bass, would I need the bass amp to get a deeper and more bassy(real word?) sound? Or could I plug it in to a regular guitar amp and still get a bassy sound with the bass turned up? Like I said, no rush, because we're short members. And I'm only asking so I know if I need to buy a bass amp. And that is only under the circumstance that we don't find a bassist. Because if we just find a guitarist, I'm transitioning.
No, you would need a bass amp. Searchbar and you will find there are literally hundreds of threads on this.
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a guitar amp will sound fairly bad, they can be passable tone wise, but are really rather poor sounding. if you line out to a PA

Also anothre thing to consider is that the speakers in a guitar amp will not work with bass. they will make everything you do sound like a fart and your bass frequencies will make the speakers blow.

if you are super strapped for cash and have acces to a PA I would run a bass through an EQ pedal into the PA. Or maybe retro fit a guitar amp with bass speakers.

your best bet is to just get a new amp.
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A guitar amp will sound bad, and a guitar amp will get damaged and eventually break. I wouldn't recommend it.

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