A couple friends and I started a band a few weks back. We had finally found a drummer so that we could start being serious about the whole thing. But we've hit a bit of a roadblock. we all seem to want to do different things...

Our bassist, wants us to be a deathcore/ screamo band. And I can't stand the stuff. I'm not sure how our drummer feels abou it. Our Vocalist wants screaming in moderation (He's a Big Black Viel Brides fan). Me...I think we shouldn't use screaming too much. No more then what BFMV or AX7 does.

So how do you go about settling an issue like this? I know this is a pretty important step if we want this band to stick togetehr and possibly get gigging.
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Find a new band. Seriously, if you guys can't agree on anything, why even bother? You'll just end up sounding like crap if someone always hates the song.
It's called open jamming.

One person start playing something, then everyone join in.
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Play a little of everything. Jam a lot and find your own style; let everyone bring theirs to the table.
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Yeah, you should form a band with like minded musicians in the first place. When I assembled musicians for my band it was on the premise of melodic death metal, and it gave us a very good starting point.
How did you guys get together in the first place? A part of putting a band together is finding like minded musicians with similar music tastes, otherwise it will never mesh.
I really don't think that you should try to "decide" on the type of music you want to play. You all have different influences and whatnot, so jam together and blend them all naturally.
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Did you not think this might be a problem before you formed a band? Just because you and a couple of your mates can play instruments doesn't mean you can form a band that will work, especially with issues like these.

My best suggestion would be, if you definitely want this band to work, to try and compromise, have some screaming and some singing for example. However, if you all want to be a completely different style of band then I would suggest just not carrying on, especially since they're your friends and will probably, depending on your individual personalities, end up arguing and fighting over musical preferences, and you just might lose your best mates, as I did, because of a band.

I would suggest, personally, starting a band with strangers who want to play the same style as you, that way it is more likely to be successful and if it isn't, you haven't lost anything, you never knew your band mates before so it wouldn't matter if you went your separate ways.
Thanks for al the advice guys. We still haven't had our second practice. But I'll be sure to remember everything you've said. Right now we've all agreed to take a bit of a break, write some lyrics, come back in about a week and see what we've all come up with. After thinking about it I think this could work. In the end we all love metal and we could always compromise with different songs...I mean, look at Nightwish. Some of thier songs are straight up screamo and others beautiful ballads. And others a 13 minute mix of almost every kind of metal. So if 5 people from Finland can do that I think 4 (hopefully 5) guys here in the USA can to.

Thanks again for all the help and have a good one,
Have a good one,
I don't think your tastes of musics are actually that far appart, I'm pretty sure that you can find some kind of mix you all like. I'd say just jam a lot and try a lot of stuff, I think that once you find the "hotspot" you'll have something really cool since you've got everyone looking at it from a different corner.
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You have no songs and you already have creative differences? Just each bring their own influence to the band, the audience can figure out the genre for you.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Our band consists of :

Me (guitarist): influenced by Grunge and 90's Alternative
Singer: Influenced by Classic rock and blondie
Other Guitarist: Influenced by GnR and Steve Vai
Bass player: influenced by Tool, Def Tones and Mogwai
Drummer: Influenced by heavy metal

Thats quite a mixture and we do great. It helps that we write out own songs and you can hear touches of each influence in them.

We do all have commmon influences that we can also draw upon if need be.

We just jam and see what takes shape. Sometimes haveing different tastes when you play together makes for some interesting music
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Find a genre you all like and go with it, even if its not anyones favorite genre. Thats what my band did when we eventually settled on a rock sound with a bit of funk/jam influences. Originally we all had drastically different ideas:

Lead Guitarist: Progressive/Death Metal
Drummer: Jam Band, a la Phish
Keyboardist/Vocals: He basically wanted us to be The Killers
Bassist: Heavy Funk
Guitar/Vocals (Me): "Alternative Rock", kind of like Stadium Arcadium/Californication esque Red Hot Chili Peppers

In the end we could all appreciate what we've got now, even if its not what any of us wanted originally, although its pretty close to what I had imagined. Lucky me I guess
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I really don't think that you should try to "decide" on the type of music you want to play. You all have different influences and whatnot, so jam together and blend them all naturally.

Easier said than done.

I had this problem with my last band. I played mostly classic rock. The drummer was into hardcore and bands like Kings of Leon. The bass player listened to Phish (almost exclusively) and the singer never practiced or contributed to songwriting so it didn't matter what he listened to.

You should just can the whole "band" idea and just jam with them for fun while you meet more musicians. If you pursue this, your singer will probably go crazy, your bass player will develop a coke problem, and your drummer will go off to play in some avant garde experimental instrumental band...

... okay, maybe not, but that's what happened to my last band
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So if 5 extremely talented people from Finland can do that I think 4 (hopefully 5) guys here in the USA can to.


I'm sure this came up in another thread but honestly, you can't just mash a bunch of styles that whatever random band members you come across happen to like, especially if you're a new band who is just starting out.
Unless you're incredibly gifted musicians, the Deftones was an example that came up another thread, you can't just mash all your favourite styles together and have it sound coherent and good.

Variety in taste within a band is always to be encouraged, but there has to be some common ground in taste, it's not too bad in TS's case, but if everyone wants to be a completely different kind of band then you'll either have a very random, uncoordinated sound or the old "musical differences" problem will start to cause conflicts.

Tl;dr: Start a band with members who have at least vaguely similar tastes to you.
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Personally, I'd say try to ignore "genres" for a bit, and instead talk with everyone about what aspects of each genre/sub-genre they like/dislike. Talk about what kind of vocals you like, what kinds of tempos and textures, what preference people have for major/minor, how melodic, what kind of solos/middle8s/breakdowns and so forth and so on that everyone likes/dislikes.

If you can find five or ten things that you AGREE on, the things you don't agree on won't seem as major...plus one or two of them might fall into place based on everything else. The main thing is to try and talk it out and find your common ground. I mean, it doesn't sound like anyone's saying "hey, you know, I have this sweet sitar at home..."

Sounds good in theory, but I can see it easily going wrong.
For example, TS has said that he hates screamo/deathcore, which instantly puts a lot of things, such as vocal styles, breakdowns, aspects of lyricism, potential bandnames/band images of the style,things that will obviously be important to the member who wants to be purely a screamo/deathcore band, onto TS's "no" list, and this will obviously cause conflict, as it will make TS seem unreasonable.
If he's willing to compromise and allow some aspects of the style in the band then yes, it would work.
It just occurred to me that if you guys are a cover band, you're being incredibly foolish in considering genres at all.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.