than hardtail guitars? I want my next purchase to have a fixed bridge because I'm sick of not being able to tune my guitar around and I really don't even use the whammy that much, but I like that the FR bridge can be lowered so much thereby giving a possibility for pretty low action. Can hardtails achieve the same thing?
No. My Schecter has a tune-o-matic and I can lower the action so the strings are laying on the fretboard.

Something to consider though, a flyod with a double locking nut can accept any size strings, a guitar with a fixed bridge has a nut that may need modified, and possibly the bridge too.
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Thanks guys. So, let's say I get an RR5 or some hardtail guitar, and the strings I want to change to one day ends up being bigger than the nut can handle, I can have the nut switched out and/or changed right?
Actually, a guitar with an OFR will need slightly higher action than a TOM. With extremely low action, when you pull up on the bar, the strings will fret out on the top frets.
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action is down to personal preference, a low action depends on several factors, string gauge, neck relief, nut depth, bridge height and neck radius.....ibanez and some fenders normally are easy to setup for low/fast action, in reality any guitar can be setup for low action but having the action too low can cause all sorts of other playablity issues such as fret buzz and problems bending.
If anything, Floyds have naturally higher action than a fixed bridge. There is a limit to how low Floyds can go, especially at the first seven frets, but a fixed bridge and traditional nut can go as low or as high as you want.
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Okay cool. For some reason though the action on my FR-bridge guitar is pretty low toward the nut (almost buzzing) while up on the high frets (15-24) it is probably a bit higher than I'd like. But I have my bridge seated all the way down as far as it can go, so I don't know what else I can do to lower the high-up action without affecting the action near the nut. Is this a truss rod imbalance or something?