Can I apply an effect to a group of tracks?

If I use a delay/reverb/chorus on each track separate, it will sound weird and not match.
idk how to do it in Reaper but set up an auxiliary/bus track with the effect you want on it then have all the tracks you want to have that effect be sent to it. Thats how I do it in Pro Tools at least
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Alternatively, in Reaper you can make a blank track, and turn it into a folder track (there's a button on the track for this, if you click it again it makes that track the end of a folder). Any effect you apply to the folder will affect all the tracks in the folder.

Hope that makes sense, if not give it a try and you'll probably see what I mean.
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It's a bit hard to see but it is on the left for the three buttons on the track, to the right of the track name.
I dragged the 2 tracks to a blank one and it did it.

The only problem I'm having is that I want to use Amplitube as an effects processor but it either makes it mono, or applies it on left and right channels separately which defeats the purpose of even doing the group/folder in the first place.
i wouldnt do a group/folder thing. instead, send both tracks to a new track with the effect. start with making a new track, then go to the routing/grouping matrix (tab on bottom). de-select the box that goes from the track you want to send from to the master bus, and select the box that corresponds to your new track. it should look something like this:

you can see that the neck and body tracks are sent to my acoustic bus, and the other guitar tracks are sent to the electric bus. adding an effect to the new track applies it to all, and should keep it the same way as it comes in, ie, not make it a mono track.
This will keep my left and right channel tracks panned the same even though Amplitube can only process in mono?

I want to apply 1 effect on the 2 tracks, because imagine having an effect like a flanger, or chorus. The effects would be out of sync with each other.
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