which one would you choose over Big baby taylor and Epiphone Dove?

Just wanna see your opinions guys..
because both are popular for their rich and bright tones
big baby. i've never heard the epi dove is popular for anything but looks, and the ones i've heard didn't sound particularly good. honestly in that price range, i'd pick up a seagull s6, which sounds better than either of them by far, but the big baby isn't bad at all.
i just answered this in a similar thread, but here goes:

the seagull s6 has a lot going for it. the finish, which is semi gloss, feels and looks great. it's well built, i very much prefer the wider fuller neck, which leaves more room for fingerpicking, but also leaves you room to play without having perfect form. ]i could rave on and on, but the bottom line is the seagull s6 sounds great! not a typical cedar sound, but clear and crisp, with fullness, some warmth and good bass response and some sparkle in the highs.

the s6 is one of the very best sounding solid top laminate back and sides guitars i've played, and i try every guitar i see and go to guitar stores all the time. i suspect that they're either laminating with more pressure, getting the laminations tighter and allowing for more vibration or using the same wood for both layers. either way, i find it's also a versatile guitar. if you want that full airy sound, it sounds great with regular d'addario phosphor bronze strings, and if you prefer more warmth, it sounds mellow and beautiful with silk and steel strings.

btw, it's interesting that i don't actually like most of their all solid guitars as much as some of their laminate back and sides models. the original s6 is my absolute favorite sounding seagull, but their old coastline mini jumbo and coastline cedar grand are very nice, where i find their SWS mini jumbo doesn't sound as good to me.

there's nothing wrong with the big baby at all - i just don't find it delivers as much quality tone or the other features of the s6, and since the big baby costs a little more, to me the choice between the two was easy. the big baby is a little smaller, it's lighter - but then there's the seagull folk and parlor models. the big baby is plain, and while there's nothing wrong with that, i don't mind having a nice finish and rosette for the same price. and it's not like you get taylor bragging rights with a big baby - it's not like owning a 714 or a gc8.
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