Not sure if that title explains it right but I dont really care =D

I was working on a song (prog metal, I guess) and decided that an acoustic break would fit it nicely. I came up with something and was wanting to know if you all think it sounds good.

Instead of making you listen to the whole song (which needs a LOT of work), I transfered the part I'm wanting criticism on into a new file.
Here have a waffle!
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That was pretty cool.
The chord progression was pretty simple, it works but if you're aiming for Prog. Metal I would suggest keeping the same progression but just spice it up.
The Drums and Bass were good, but a drum fill at bar 4 would give a better transition, also, I'd suggest you change the bass to "Fingered Bass" atleast for the acoustic part, sounds much better :P
Then the melody was excellent, nothing bad to say about it, it reminded me of In Flames.
Thanks, and when you say spice it up, how exactly? And I'll do that about the drums and bass.

My cousin said it sounded like In Flames, too lol.
Here have a waffle!