wasted away, swimming pool
dead frogs stuck in amplexus
fleeing water bugs, sticky snails
mosquito's malaria

sitting down, i'm not diving in
i'll come back again
whenever i can

birds chirp, feel the cold wind
this dirty water, is nuclear life
now i know, she's tainted
now i know, i'm all alone
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it made me sad.
if thats what you were going for,
then bravo.

edit; it is good though.
i am the lamb.
point me to the slaughter.
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Aw, that's a bummer of a poem, although i REALLY like it... It's so good with the senses, i can practically taste the scene you've set. It... It's really great.
miloh.core: yea, that's what i was going for. i have this swimming pool in my backyard that is filled with nasty critters and animals. i wasn't able to save all the frogs that died. it's in poor conditions. and thank you goodvibrations.