Hey guys, this is the second song I've posted here. I feel as though it's a big improvement from the first one. I do intend for vocals to go over the top of this, if that answers any questions. As usual, C4C.

New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
It's a really good composition but it's a bit repetitive. I kind of has like only 3 or 4 riffs. I think for what it is it's a great song.
i thought it was pretty good. liked the solo. my only gripe is that the main riff comes up too often. personally, i would have liked a lil more variety. but otherwise, i liked the acoustic in there.
I like it. I really think it would've been better off with a few less octaves though (see measure 12, and the bridge would be a lot better with full powerchords). I also think it sounds better without the strings, but that's just me.

Also I'd write a different riff for the chorus and use the main riff just for the intro and outro. And in the intro, the second repetition would sound better with a harmony part.

Good work.
Here have a waffle!
Goddamn, your F#-G#-A-G# irritates me, I expect an H instead of the second G# EVERY TIME.
Also you reuse main riff too often and mix up the chord intervals more
The intro is very nice and gives a nice groove to it
-The verse is meh, it will probably sound better with vocals on it
-Like the re-use of the intro rift, i think that using a good rift over and over is fine in one song. People really arent going to be like hey they use that awsome groove rift too much so im not going to like the song.
-Bridge is just average
-Solo is pretty good also, kinda sounds awkward at the end however

Overall 6/10 because well 9 and 10 are perfect and so forth

-Btw hundreds of good songs re-use the main rift alot, no one except a guitarist will notice it and even so who cares. Ex-Walk,Wonderwall, alot of heavy metal ect.
Cheers mate
As I go,

the intro seems kinda of barren, i think it needs some crashes and a few kicks and snares in the background.

in the verse, remember in the key of F#m the E's are all major.

Also in the chorus I think in the drums should have open high hats instead of closed.

Verse 2 would sound really cool with the drums going in the background.

A think the bridge would sound cool with half of the E's major, and half minor (look up harvest by opeth, and look at the G chords.)

I think the 7/8ths would sound better with playing that once, then going back to 4/4ths.

I think the ending should be changed completely, I don't really like it.

Overall, okay song, but I don't see anything like opeth in it.

I give it 4.5-5/10

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