Mmmmmmmmmm, Vox.

Mmmmmmmmmm, Chickenheads

Mmmmmmmmmm, Night Train

Mmmmmmmmmm, stuff.

This is probably the heaviest, most solid, coolest looking, impractical lunchbox I have ever bought.

That being said, it is also one sweet amp.

I traded my Hot Rod Deluxe for it and son, I am not disappoint. After trying it out in the shop, I just had to have it. The cleans are really bright yet full and IMO sound best with single coils. While the Hot Rod had nice cleans, you had to turn it up quite a bit and has less shimmer than the Vox. Good for all things clean

The gain on this thing kills. Good for GNR, AC/DC, Led Zep and the like. Obviously it's not gonna nail those modern metal tones like 5150 would but I was impressed by the amount it had on tap, although I did find it got a bit fizzy with the gain dimed but that could very likely be the cab.

The interchangeable 15/7 watt settings really sold me on this amp and the 3-band EQ and superior cleans made me choose this over the Tiny Terror. No Tweaker for me, can't find any in New Zealand

I'm thinking of spraying the grill black cos I think it would look sweet. What do you reckon?

That is all.

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HNAD! Go for the spray, but take the grille off the amp before you do it. Sounds obvious but you get some NUMBSKULLS on UG.

Painted tubes for teh toanz
Happy NAD.

P.S. your avatar is killing me, I keep trying to swat the bug.
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