I'm in the market for a whole load of new gear to complete my setup and I'm VERY tight on money.

Looking through various 'standard' overdrive pedals, i.e: TS808 copies, Fulltone OCD, etc. I see the TS7..

Its ridiculously cheaper than most of these pedals, and I've heard that its basically the same circuitry as the TS9/808's?

I'm only looking for something to be permanently on for my OD channel for some extra saturation and tightness.. could somebody please shed some light on the matter for me please

Also extra question if you have any good suggestions. Any good compressors? I'm basically set on the Keeley one for now.

Quote by Way Cool JR.
I like the TS-7 better than the TS-9 it sounds just as good as the TS-9 but the hot switch is what makes it better IMO. There is a lot of dynamics in the TS-7 so it is really responsive to your pick attack and it sounds really natural and noise free. It does not suck any tone on or in bypass and you can get some great classic rock tones on a clean channel. Peg out the gain on the pedal you will get some good classic metal flip on the hot switch and it will get you into modern metal. Run the pedal on top of your tube amps gain channel on regular TS-9 mode and you won't believe this thing only cost $40 it is that impressive I love it. If you get one just get it stock stay away from the modded ones and don't have it modded it just adds noise and only a very slight change in sound it just makes it a tinny bit more trebely. Plus it already has the proper sought after JRC4558D op amp chip. I love how Ibanez thinks about the little guys And if your looking for a great analog/digital delay/echo I highly recommend the Ibanez Tone lok DE-7 another awesome pedal for the price.

I mostly agree with what you said, except the part about modding it. Mods that are done right wont add noise or make it tinny. There is room for improvement. Getting rid of the "proper sought after JRC4558D chip" is a good place to start.