Needing help guys - I've been sanding, solid body for sure (Checked cavity)... But I wanted to get through the darker patches(some paint residue or something...) as I am keen for the wooden finish. But there are now patches that are exposed, seems like softer/lighter wood or something... Please see pics, don't really know whats up as this is my first mod...

Cavity showing Solid Guit:

Before sanding dark patch:

After sanding dark patch:

A few other similar patches on the body:
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It looks to me (in my moderate level of experience) like you sanded through some kind of varnish that was on the entire guitar. Maybe you could sand it all off, or varnish the whole thing?
i'd just keep sanding for a bit to see if it's a varnish (if it all goes light) if it's not varnish then a solid colour paint will be your only option i suppose unless you want it to look kinda ghetto

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You should just have to keep sanding. It all looks like the same wood. The grain is continuous as far as I can tell, meaning that it's just something on the outside. The insides of the screw holes also look lighter, so it should be lighter all over underneath that darker stain. You may have to sand a while, but it should be fine.
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Nah, that's just the grain of Agathis. It's nasty looking stuff.

EDIT: Oh. Well, coulda been finish or something under the seal coat.
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