So, I've been playing more blues/rock lately, and would like an alternative to my Ibanez S.

I want something old school - I've been looking through fenders, gibsons, and guilds mostly. I'm leaning mostly towards a Tele tbh. What do people think, MIJ 80s, or 90s/00s US?

My budget is 700-900, looking to play dire straits, SRV kind of stuff.
I definitely want to go used, and am really just want something that plays well.

I'd appreciate any recommendations people may have.
i'd get a strat for Dire straits/SRv not a tele.

i rec. a Fender roadworn 50/60s strat or a Fender Mexican standard strat with pickup change

u could also get a used MIA strat.
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Fender roadhouse or lone star strats! They have high quality pickups and are very well built, at a great price. One has a humbucker in the bridge, the other is the standard S-S-S, I forgot which is which.
You can definitely find a used MIA Strat in that price range. A MIJ Strat will likely be par with a MIA Strat. Either one will do you just fine.
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You could get the last used Schecter C-1 Artist II on MF for $300. That'll play anything. I think that would be the best value...

But you want old school... so maybe a Highway 1 HSS strat or used MIA Strat?
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