check out this video,
from 3:31 to 3:50

now what came to mind for me is Chuck Berry, but more overdriven... And maybe some AC/DC... a few Ted Nugent songs might fit in aswell...

My question to you is, could you name 1, 2 or maybe even 3 songs that have similar guitar main-riffs to that?

Lookin' forward to your replies, it's fun!

P.S. I want that guitar
The Cult - Lil' Devil

This one. Don't try to search for more stuff like that from them, this is the only album that actually sounds good.
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maybe it's because of your description, or the fact that it's 1:30am here, or both, i can't stop giggling.

Sometimes girls say that too...
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you're right because i've mostly been listening to texas-blues, but i started this thread out of personal interest but also kind of like a game to see how many people could guess.
There was this hollywood undead that the intro was the Crazy Train Intro played faster on a synth,Forgot the name though.
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hollywood undead


anyway i looked at the blues/jazz section, but that stuff is nowhere near as rock-ish as the video i mentioned
That riff is very similar to a lot of Brian Setzers solos, from the band the Stray Cats.
Rockabilly rules, Okay?
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Alas, I am already familiar with their work.

then maybe you can hiyack another thread :-)

on topic: Motorhead - Going to Brazil
not a motorhead fan... but you can def. tell the influences in there