It will be the first time of me putting strings on my guitar when they arrive, is there anything I should know before putting them on? I know to measure 3 fingers away from the tuning post, put a bend in the string and then put the string through the tuning post and start winding, is that all I do for each string?
pretty much, what i do is as they're moderately tight pull on them over the 12th fret fairly hard, wind a little tighter, pull again. this'll stretch them so it won't take as long for them to wear in. and your guitar will be out of commission for about a day. what i do is put new strings on before bed, tighten them, do the 12th fret pull thing twice, then tune it sharp then go to bed as overnight the strings accomodate then re-tune in the morning and off you go.
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I just string,tune,play.Then I pull em Then Tune again. Then play some, then tune once more then im good to go. **** that not playing for a day stuff lol
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I somewhat follow the set up thread. I pull on the string on the 3rd fret (on the 3rd fret, I pull on it with my finger beneath the string) and tighten the string. Don't be a pussy about it either, you won't break it. I also tune my strings about a half-step to a whole step sharp before tuning them down to E standard.

By doing this, my guitar stays in tune almost right after I put the strings on every time.