After over a month of research, I've narrowed down my selection of which tube amp to these 2. I'm looking for great cleans, and good crunch too. I play alternative rock, modern rock, soft rock, etc. I don't need really high gain. I don't gig so I don't need a lot of volume either. Also, how does each one of these take pedals?

I'm still open to suggestions too. my budget is around $500, and I'd rather buy used to save money.
never tried the tweaker. The AC15 has great cleans but it might not have enough gain for rock.

Check out a Peavey classic 30. I think it's a clone of the AC30. It has great cleans and overdrive.
id say the ac15. the cleans are awesome, and it has a perfect sound for alt rock. It also takes pedals well, i use distortion, wah, and eq pedals.
Keep in mind that is you want any overdrive form the AC15 you'll have to run it pretty loud. But if you're going to rely on a dirt pedal for distortion, then definitely go for the AC15.
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AC15 with a good OD and you'll be golden
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Also, how does each one of these take pedals?

Through the 1/4" input jack.