Hey guys, firstly for sale or trade my TC Ellis Wolf guitar which is essentially a Wolfgang clone. It plays really nicely has recently been set up although the floyd it has is a cheap chinese knock off and will probably need to be replaced unless you are planing on blocking it as the bar will no longer stay in the hole (may be a quick fix I'm not sure). The guitar has a maple top and overall a great tone. Has a few minor scuffs but otherwise perfect condition. I bought it about 3 months ago for 300£, I realised that this style of guitar didn't fit me therefore the reason I'm selling it. So because of the issues I'll sell for 250£ including shipping, I'm also open to trades will list some things I'm looking for at the end of the thread.

Secondly for sale or trade is my peavey valve king royal 8 5 watt amplifier. Which is a standard 5 watt valve king, it is in perfect condition selling because I recently got a blackstar ht-5.

Will sell for 80£ + the cost of shipping.

Things I will trade for some new pedals; a fulltone ocd, a eq of sorts. Or an Epiphone valve junior head. I am also open to offers looking for a new fuzz which isn't a big muff.
I have now realised the issue with the whammy bar not holding properly a screw had come lose, I will fix this before it is shipped.