I have a Marshall Avt50h 50-watt Head and a Randal R12 320 Watt Cabinet.

I'm pretty new to wattages and impedance, so i'm wondering what effect pairing these two together has overall, because i'm thinking about upgrading this cabinet all together because I don't like the way the cabinet sounds so if I do I want to know what I should be properly using with this head.

Is the pairing effecting my tone or overall power?

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As long as the impedance matches your fine. For example if your head is set for 8ohm load, then make sure the cab is 8ohm. If the amp is 4ohm, make sure the cab is 4ohm.

The fact the cab can handle 320 watts is a good thing. It means you'll have no worries about overpowering it using a 50 watt amp.
Well the back of my avt head says it's 50 watts into 4 ohms, but the randall r-412 is 8 ohms.