Hey everyone, lately i've dusted off my old nintendo and have been playing the games. And I gotta say, some of the music in them is actually ridiculously good.

Anyone other musicians here into old video games or anything?

The composers had crappy technology so they had to really use their imaginations and use melodies that were unique and catchy to make up for it, and it's pretty inspiring, this influence shall definately creep into the music of my new band.

Anyway, I decided to try my hand at some 8-bit nes music, inspired by some of the more epic Mega Man peices and such, its in my profile if you wish to check it out. I'm gonna write a few more over the next few days so if it's something you like, check back in a couple days
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Final Fantasy music will always be the most inspiring VGM. Especially the first 3.

In my world, the color RED doesn't exist.

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yeah Nobuo has ridiculous skills man, did you know he actually plays keyboard in a band that plays all his final fantasy music? haha