Hey guys, this morning I was playing my guitar through my setup when all of a sudden I realized that whenever I played a chord through it some weird static or buzz suddenly would kinda just......happen. I thought it was a plastic sticker on the pretty new Marshall MC cab (I dunno how bad this cab is.) but it was made in UK. I play through a Peavey Ultra Plus and am slightly, very slightly afraid of this because I have a gig next week.
check to see if its a string or the amp
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I had something similar happen to my amp, a weird static/buzz, when I played a chord or just hit a string hard. My problem ended up being a bad solder joint on one of the coupling capacitors in the preamp section of my amp.
Theres alot of voltage going on in there so I wouldnt be poking aroung inside the amp if your not sure about what your doing
It seems to buzz with the 6th and 5th string.....Hmmmmm.
I had a similar issue - it was an old money box!! Maybe your guitar's the problem?
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Lol, I'm gonna change the strings and see if that improves, if not I'm gonna cry more on the forums.