Seems every day I need to do a small adj on my Truss rod (16 turn or so). My action is pretty low (about 1.15mm at the 15th). Usually while I'm playing after about 1/2 an hour I start getting some buzzing in places, then do the truss rod and it's fine, then the next day it's off again and so on. Same thing on my Jackson actually. I now keep the cover plates off them all the time. The temp changes in my place as the air conditioning is on and off and that effects the humidity too. I can't really do anything about the air conditioning because it's hot as hell here but expensive to leave it on all the time. I can set it up with med action (1.5mm) and it's fine all the time though, just I prefer it as low as I can get it with no buzzing.

So is that pretty normal and is temp or humidity more prone to change the relief?
you aren`t giving the neck chance to settle, extreme humidity will effect the wood rapidly (but despite the recent downpours i don`t think this is the case), as far as the fret buzz is concerned i think its a simple case of raising the action a 1/4 turn, then finding the sweet spot for the neck relief
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Thanks man, Yeah, I just did the action up a bit and have it pretty good. I left it for a few days last time but it still seems to change whenever I start playing for a while, I guess I do keep it pretty cold in here at night too. I think it should be ok now, I don't know it just always feels slightly different every time I play it, sometimes it's perfect then later in the session it's too low. This also happens when I gig. Also I guess there is exrteme humidity change when I play if I had the ACon all night (dry) then turn it off and start playing and sweating. Anyways I guess the lower the action the more sensitive to any little changes, I'm gonna keep it a tiny bit higher.
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