Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I'll give it a shot..
I am a complete beginner and have been experimenting with loads of different songs and I came across a few tabs which confuse me.
I'm going to use this tab from Eruption as an example-


I became extremely excited about 10 minutes ago because I attempted to do this with gain (I used clean usually for this kind of stuff).. And became overwhelmed at the immense sound compared to clean..

I was simply wondering.. Are these meant to be played with gain on? Or am I not doing it right enough for clean as the sound dies out very early..

Same goes for the intro to Thunderstruck using the ho/po technique, gives off an amazing sound (to me) with gain, but a crappy beep with clean.

By the way, is this technique called legato?

Cheers guys
Why would you want to play them on clean? I mean you can but I say crank the gain up and rock out.
I completely agree!

But it sounds as if some things with these techniques are played clean, which I'm just curious about..

Don't get me wrong!, I'd play everything with gain on if I could
Are you saying you hear un-wanted noise when playing these types of licks with gain on?
No, the unwanted noise doesnt really bother me at my playing level...

I'm just saying that, when I play the exact same thing when the settings are clean, it just sounds like a crappy faded noise, It's proberly just me, but I'm happy with the sound of it when gain is on anyway.
Having your gain on is essential to getting those legato and tapping licks to sound as epic as they are supposed to. For Van Halen, I think I turn my gain to about 7 and it sounds amazing. The only things I play clean are songs that are supposed to be acoustic, like "Pigs on the Wing" or "Stairway" (up until the solo at least). And if you have too much extra noise, just palm mute the lower strings.