New to the forum, so I'm not 100% sure where this post should go...but I've been looking for an acoustic guitar recently in the local classifieds. I found a sweet looking BC Rich import (either korean or japanese) and its only $400 canadian. Here's the guitar:


I'd really appreciate it if somebody would give me their opinion .
the grain is because the wood is slab sawn. it's not considered a good idea to use slabsawn wood for guitars as it doesn't flex as well in the directions wanted. also i can't find a mention of any slabsawn tops being used on b.c. rich acoustics. not saying it's not a rich - saying i can't find pics like this guitar.

btw, i don't see any such acoustics on the bc rich timeline http://www.bcrich.com/historyTimeline.asp and when i look up the serial number, this one seems like it should have a number at the end BW-4000CS but it was probably pretty cheap, and companies aren't as careful with numbering in that case.

would you be buying it as your main axe or out of curiosity? guitars are made a lot better now - particularly lower priced ones - and b.c. rich was never known to make great guitars. not only that, but after a search, it seems like their best acoustics weren't flashy but looked like martins. still, it is something not many people have seen, which would make it sort of collectible.
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Well, I'm pretty sure most of the BW series went unnumbered, cause I was talking to a few of the guys over at harmony central who owned some of these. Of the five or so that popped up, none had serial numbers. As for the CS at the end, I'm not 10% sure, but I think that's because of the luthier that BCR put in charge of their acoustic design. Can't remember his name for the life of me, but i do know for sure that his initials were CS.

As for whether this would be my main axe, I'm an electric player personally, but I've been on the look out for an acoustic for a while now. There's only a handful of guitar stores around, and I'd really like to play my guitars first rather than order online. Most of the guitars around here are yamaha's and ibanez, and most are terribly overpriced from what I can tell. I'd like to give this one a try before buying anything, and by all accounts I've had from owners, they are pretty solid guitars in the sound department.
my husband took a look, and he said it's a veneer top, not solid.

btw, yamahas are probably so much better quality than that b.c. rich that it's not funny. why not buy a seagull? they're really great guitars, and are priced lower in canada because that's where they're made.
I'm going to play everything before I buy no preconceived ideas for me. I was just wondering if it was really worth my time to look into this one.
Thanks for your help, its greatly appreciated, especially letting me know its a veneer top, not solid. Does he have any idea what kind of wood it is?
Also, as far as pickups go...I've been told to get one seperately, not one that comes with the guitar. Any thoughts?