Tuning: Drop G (I was really just experimenting with it..)
Length: Approx. 2:30

One of my friends was going through files on my computer and found an old tab I was working on (the main riff for this song) and got me wanting to add more to it. This is what I came up with. I dont have lyrics for it, but I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it instrumental. Also I didnt really TRY to stick to one specific genre, just metal subgenres.

First time I've tried to add sweep picking to a song.

Any comments are appreciated, and of course I'll C4C.


Changed to tuning to drop C, added a few notes to the intro, hopefully making it more interesting. I redid nearly the entire first solo, and most of the outro solo. I also redid the tremolo picking part, although I'm not sure if I made it much better (I'm going for a creepy, atmosphereic kind of sound there). Also added markers to make things a little more organized.
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The drop G kind of makes it difficult to understand and a little powerless and empty because the notes are so down low. You've got two guitars playing the same thing for most of the song, so you might as well have one of them play higher. And try to use 3-note power chords when you can. And the fact that the dist. guitar MIDI program sucks doesn't help much either, but there's really nothing you can do about it while you're on GP.

Anyway, it was alright. It's not really my style, so there isn't much I can say about it in general. But let me be honest, the part starting at bar 52 is dreadful. But then you really nailed the solo after that (and I'm not usually into that kind of solo).

Oh, and don't bother trying to C4C, I've got nothing here.
Yeah maybe drop G isnt a good idea. I'll raise it up to drop C and see how it sounds. And in the part starting on 52 I was going for a black metal style tremolo picking segment. I might mix that part up a bit more, maybe even scrap it all together.

And thanks, I appreciate it.
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overall it is a cool song dude, the only things im gonna criticize are the ver first first riff (just didnt like it) and the fact that the very first solo only gets interesting at bar 22

but overall i liked it 9/10
i think it sounds good the solo was way to happy though... i kinda hated it. i think you should work on both solos and then itll be better and the ending
Hmm.. I'll try to throw something in to make it sound a little darker, and I never was all that good with endings, got any suggestions?

overall it is a cool song dude, the only things im gonna criticize are the ver first first riff (just didnt like it) and the fact that the very first solo only gets interesting at bar 22
I'll spice up the intro with a couple of hammer ons, see if that makes it flow a little better. And when you say it only gets interesting at bar 22, do you mean thats the only interesting bar of the solo, or that's when the solo starts getting good? Because the part leading up to the solo (20 and 21) were put in to help transition from the breakdown to the solo.

Thanks guys
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I updated the song, hopefully you all think its better now lol
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It's much better. The solos are great and the riffs are more interesting.
That part I hated is a little better, but I still hate it.
wow your one hell of a critic haha^

umm its not really my style of metal or w/e. definitely interesting. the breakdowns were my favorite parts, good stuff there. the riffs made it hard to get into the groove of the song at some points but i think thats due to me not really into the genre itself. ummm solos, were good i suppose, im not really a guitar solo guy either lol. some of the riffs were too happy for my tastes is going to be my biggest complaint. long, winding, non cohesive crit done lol.
i wish i were more into real metal so i give a proper one. oh well nice job and if you can play theses riffs well, nice playing too
Yeah, it sounds a little happy I know. If I add lyrics I was going to try to make em funny, so I tried to fit that kind of mood. I added breakdowns because its just fun to chug lol.

Thanks, and I can play most of the riffs, but soloing isnt really my style.. Which is good since I'm on rhythm guitar ^-^
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Some nice riffs here and there. The first riff and the verse riff were probably my favourites. The first breakdown was a bit meh, in my opinion, and I wasn't a big fan of the lead into the first solo. The tremelo part is probably least favourite part of the whole song. Just seems bland and a bit of filler. I prefer the second solo to the first one, but they were both pretty good shreds.

Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.
With a bit more imagination thrown into some parts, it could make a really good metal song.

If you find some time, feel free to crit one of four songs posted on this thread:
Ok, here we go...

So far I love it...

I can't find anything wrong yet, Im on the solo, It needs more upper melody though, It doesn't cover enough area in my opinion.

Breakdown 2 in my opinion is too repetitive, and gets a little boring, Tremelo comes in too suddenly on the drums, and in the solo, the bends sound out of key. (yes all of them).

Overall a good song but too short. Everything was also too low, it's fine to be playing that low, but try throwing in harmonies on the main riffs to add an upper melody to make it sound better. I really liked it though.

Finally, I give you 7-7.5/10

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