I'm gonna be getting a Jackson KVX10 King V at the end of the year, but for christmas, my parents have offered to get me an amp. I can't give you a budget cause I think it would be rude to ask how much I could have towards it, so basically, I'm gonna say keep it under £300 if possible.

Want an amp that'll give me a decent Megadeth/Mustaine tone, quite an aggressive hi gain sound. Will my current amp suffice, combined with the new Jackson King V that I;m getting, or maybe I should get a distortion pedal? if so which one?

And my other question is, I just discovered on the back of my marshall head, there's two inputs, one of which my speaker cab is plugged into, but the other one, I don;t know, is that for a second speaker cab, or is it like a second option for only using two speakers of the 4 or something?

Does it say anything above either input? Also, how loud does the amp need to go, are you gigging with it?
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uh above the two imputs it just says..."Loudspeakers" Mine is plugged into the one to the right...And no I'm probably not doing gigs any time soon, as my band needs a new vocalist...but thats the point, I just want to know if I'm only using two of the 4 speakers or something, for future reference...?
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the other output is for another cab
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