So, this is a song I wrote which goes by the working title of Knowing. Right now, its only the acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, and they are only mixed to accomidate a vocal track. Right now its essentially an unmixed backing without any drums... I really don't want to use software drums...

If anyone wants to supply a drum track, lemmie know. Otherwise, its C4C as always.


Remember, its Knowing.

CYA Later!
Thanks for the crit, reviewing as I listen.

Very nice chord progression, love your acoustic sound if only I could get that.

I would tone down the soloing guitar a little bit, the gain is a bit harsh. I do absolutely love the delay on it though. I would be carefull with your bends, they can be a little out of tune in some areas. Very interested in hearing a full version.
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The acoustic is actually achieved with a mic thats way away from the soundhole, and at a rather extreme angle to the strings, almost parallel to them. And that delay'd solo was akin to something Brian May would do, but with three sets of amps... I double-tracked the guitar, added a tape echo to the main one, doubled the double, and delay'd them so that the left and right would be just behind the main recording. Loved doing that.

Yeah, my bending skills suck, which is hilarious because I use them so often...