I don't know if anyone around here is interested in making or improvising your own slides, but I thought that could be a cool topic to discuss.

I've been making my own out of wine bottlenecks for a year or so now. It's actually not that hard. I use a hacksaw with a carbide grit blade, that costs like 4 bucks or so at a hardware store, and just saw off the neck. Probably takes about 20 to 30 minutes to do it right, and to make sure the blade doesn't chip the edges of the glass.

Then after i get the neck sawed off I use the heaviest sandpaper i can get to smooth the edges under running water.

It actually works rather well. And it's especially satisfying to make something useful for myself. Not to mention the wine bottle necks just look cooler than regular store bought slides.

Anyone else have any homemade slide knowledge or tips to share?
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I used the neck from a wine bottle to make a slide a while back. It sounds ok, but not as full sounding as my dunlop slide.
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I used the neck from a wine bottle to make a slide a while back. It sounds ok, but not as full sounding as my dunlop slide.

How did you properly remove it? I always feel like I'll just cut myself up trying to do that.
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ive used copper pipe as well as bottle necks
once i used my ocarina as a slide when i dropped the tapatio bottles i was using
No one here uses the original kind of slide? A beer bottle? Bud lights for the win. Some delicacy and a grinder are required though.
^ I've used beer bottles before without detaching the neck though. Just holding the bottle. The problem with that is that you obviously don't have your fingers free to mute.

The glass of wine bottles is much thicker than that of beer bottles though, and I find the tone to be better.
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What I did I took an old beer bottle and a hammer and smashed the bottom part of the bottle. It looks pretty rugged and I'm worried someday I'll cut myself with it but it works and looks cool.

^ Easy solution to the potential for cutting yourself: Get some heavy grit sandpaper and go at the edges for 30 minutes or so under running water. It' wont make the bottle perfectly flat or anything, but it will at least smooth the sharp edges and lower the risk of cutting yourself.

And don't worry it will still look rugged.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
There was a guy on here a few years back, maybe, that was making and selling them for pretty cheap. I never got around to buying one, but I think it's a really cool idea.
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I used a mini ketchup bottle, a broken broom handle, and a pill bottle that I sanded the locking mechanism off of. I would have to say that the sanded down pill bottle was the best because I could hold it normally.
Right now I'm using a brass dunlop slide.
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I made two with a saw and wine bottle both cracked and 1 disintegrated in use, after that I just bought one.
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ive used copper pipe as well as bottle necks
once i used my ocarina as a slide when i dropped the tapatio bottles i was using

i did the same thing with the copper pipe too, it actually works really well
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ive bought small pieces of brass piping that fit my finger and just cut it, its still cheaper than a 15 doller slide and i can get 2-3 outta em if you get smallish length pipe
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I'm using the cap of a bottle of suncream until I get a shop one.
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Hey everyone,

Late to the thread, but here is my new discovery (if it hasn't already been mentioned). I misplaced my glass slide today, and I tried several things to replace it (to finish my Born and Raised cover/recording). I took my capo (metal on the outside), flipped it upside down, holding onto the the longer handle, and made myself a homemade slide that I prefer over my glass slide. I'm sure going and buying a metal slide would be more comfortable, but if you don't want to spend the money, it is a nice solution.

It takes a little more precision, but if you want a cleaner slide with my capo trick, tilt it a little to the side and slide with the edge. Sounds great in my opinion.

Hopefully I have been helpful to some of you!

Late to the thread is right. If you don't want to spend money? Slides are less than $10.
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I made my own slides when I was back in Australia from old wine bottles. As somebody else mentioned, the glass is much thicker which gives a tone that I like.

I had gemstone cutting gear as at the time I was an opal miner in Lightning Ridge.

I used the diamond saw to saw off from the bottle and then also would saw off the end (it gets in the way!!).

I would then round the cut edges with my diamond wheels (varying grits) and then polish with the polisher.

We once had a huge multi artist concert in town, three day event. I remember Ian Moss from Cold Chisel was on stage and the bass rig blew up. Mossy was just kinda noodling so I reached into my pocket for one of my slides. I rolled it across the stage floor perfectly and it bumped his toe. He looked down, picked it up and started ripping into some awesome slide work as they were getting another bass rig online