Seen a few vids with the guitarist of dokken George Lynch and he´s just an amazing guitarist! But i also read that he have done solo career? (exuse my spelling) Wich songs / albums are good to start out playing his lead stuff? Instrumental songs preferd ( dunno if he got with vocals though )
Dokken and Lynch mob songs are also good : ) just need to know songs since i dont got all albums and havent had time to lissen through everything.
gotta be mr scary, also give tooth and nail by dokken a listen, brilliant song with an awesome tapping solo, all his best stuff is with eighties dokken definetly
Righto! ill check dokkens 80 stuff! He´s style together with my other influences should be nice
I had a copy of Sacred Groove back in the day but I can't remember if I liked it or not - probs worth checking out though.
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