what if it all was just switches
one big control board
and you could change your life with it
less her and more me
smaller bills and bigger money
living you and dead insecurities

a pull of a lever, a flashing light
now i'm transported to a place
where things only have an upside
where i can have everything i want
it will all find it's way through the maze
of transparent membranes that divide the things in life
which pull me towards them but push each other away
like hungry wolves fighting over prey

you can't win at everything
that's what i say
as i watch myself becoming, daily
more and more the same
as everyone else would be
i'm trying to forget me
because that way it will just be less painful

and with all this switching
it all turns meaningless
i'll go from striving to simply being
i'll transform the pains from being a means
to an end that i'll divide
and i'll turn off the downside
and i'll turn off the downside

i can't win at everything
so i'll turn off the downside
i'll live the upside-down life
We're only strays.
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The last two lines read like the hollow ending of a Mother Goose rhyme, but other than that, I liked this.
Neat idea, well paced, etc. Good stuff
Glad you liked it. I actually just changed the ending because I thought up another line to add to it. I think it works well.
We're only strays.