Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem with deciding on a delay pedal

My first delay is the boss dd7, which had served me well, but as soon as i heard a demo of a mxr carbon copy i decided i wanted it. i saved up for ages and finally bought it (didn't sell off my dd7)

now that i have it with me, i realise that the modulation is weak and it's a good delay but not very versitile or very.. fun. i had more fun with my dd7, but my carbon copy had a slightly better sounding delay, which basically had me deciding between the 2

then i read more reviews online and discovered the malekko 616 and the dmm, both of which i could afford if i could sell off any of these 2 pedals.

so my question to you is, which delay out of MXR carbon copy, boss DD7, malekko 616 and deluxe memory man is the best kind of delay? i'm looking for different sounds and things i can experiment with. money isn't a problem for me at this point.

what i would look for in a delay is something that can be subtle (for lead solos) to something that can provide hours of fun experimenting. i'd also like it to not self oscillate TOO quickly, so that i can have nice long delays. i have a loop station so any sort of recording feature on a delay won't interest me

TL;DR - DMM, CC, Malekko 616 or Boss DD7?

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tho i have not tried it, i have heard great things about malekko delay, also the deluxe memory man is a good sounding analog delay. I Would honestly say trying the 2 out first before buying would be a great starting point.
I've been pretty happy with my Boss DD-20. As far as the fun experimenting factor, it definitely satisfies me. When I bought it I also considered the Line 6 DL4, but I've heard of numerous problems with that unit, so I went with the DD-20.
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Out of those I'd take the DMM in a heart beat, but you won't get long delay times out of it or very many different tones. The DD-7 is probably more along the lines of what you're looking for, so I'd suggest checking out the DD-20, DL-4, and Nova Delay/Repeater.
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the problem is i don't need a delay that's overcomplicated, so i'd like it to be fairly fun but not overcomplicated. i was leaning toward selling my boss and cc and getting a malekko..?

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The DMM sounds the best by far out of all of them, but I wouldn't necessarily call it 'fun'.

Have you considered the Line 6 DL-4?
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The Malekko 616 is VERY sensitive with the feedback control, I've seen videos of it oscillating a little, before the FB knob was maxed out... That said, all the EHX analog delays seemed to me (I've tried them) to AVOID oscillation a bit. The modulation definitely added a "weirdness" and experimental vibe to me though.

I personally kinda wanted the 616, but as far as experimental delays go, I've really started to consider just buying a cheaper analog delay to run into my CC... I just missed a chance on a $25 Boss DM-2 too...