hey guys

i might sell my ltd ec1000 vb , i got a good price to sell it so i might sell it , but if u sold it im looking for new guitar so i need some suggestions.

well im not looking for expensive guitar at the moment , caz i almost spend more than $800 on ma ec-1000 , so im looking for cheaper one with good quality

i was thinking about ltd fx360 , am a huge fan of metallica and james hetfield , well this guitar look the same guitar that james hetfield got with wooden body and fx shape its look cool.

ma budget is like $550 for guitar caz im also saving for amp .

well if u got any suggestion about ltd fx360, or any other guitar with good quality need helps

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Why don't you try trading it?

i cant tade , i just want to sell it caz im getting good price in it , i wont sell it by loosing money , so i want to buy a cheaper guitar but with good quality, and the ltd fx360 look kwl but its not availabe over here that why im askin gor suggestion about it so i can get it online

p.s= in ma country we got guitars like b.c rich , dean , yamaha and some S**T guitars that are expenise but they sound sucks , thats why i want to buy a good guitar online
Well if you traded with someone, you could trade guitar for guitar and cash or something else.

I can't figure out why you'd want to sell that EC-1000 and buy a cheaper guitar. Where are you from? The import costs could make the guitar a complete rip off.
r0ckth3d34n = i bought this guitar for like $850 and paid for shipping weight like 120$ and im sell it with same price , so if the buyer want to have it with same price i will sell it but if he dont i wont sell it , but if he want it , its ok i will sell it caz i also dont play guitar that much cause im busy with uni and dont have lots of time for it , and im from bahrain we dont have lots of good quality guitars over here thats why i order guitars online

so i dont see a problem if i sold the ec-1000 and get another cheaper guitar with good quality , caz im getting a good guitar with lower price and i still gonna have money in pocket
Well I suppose that's a really good deal.

If you want to get that guitar, go for it. I just would have thought import costs might cost a helluva lot of money.
i still need some more suggestions about other guitars if ppl can help , but if not im goin to get the ltd fx360 if i sold ma guitar
Hello there bro, i feel your pain man, i am also facing the same problem as you, cant find good guitars in UAE/Oman. I end up buying online or travel to Dubai and look deeply for a rare good deal.
My suggestion to you is this....DONT SELL THE VB, i love that guitar you will feel sorry after selling it TRUST ME.
The 2007-2008 ESP LTD standards are made in KOREA, at least the 400 and 500 series. they use to come with Grover tuner and branded bridges, now they are made in indonesia and comes with ESP own tuners and bridges. (not sure about bridge but tuners for sure)
The LTD deluxe are great and have an amazing quality.
I have an EX400BD bought in 2007, love that giutar thought of selling it and buying an fx360, but i will be trading down rather than upgrading so i dropped the idea.
saving for an amp is important, but dont waste your time on solid states, save up for a good tube amp.

On a final note, Access All Areas dubai, got the ESP dealership recently, they are in the process of bringing good guitars from ESP LTD and they have good selection of amps and pedals. check em out

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