My guitar is the Epiphone version of the Gibson Firebird V. I don't know about the sound, but as far as looks go the only difference is that the tuning knobs are on the bottom of the headstock facing downward instead of on the back facing backwards like on the Gibson version. Soon after buying this guitar used for $270 at a local music store, I was told by a clerk at a different store that it is worth a lot more than that. Since then I've looked it up online and can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this guitar or how much I would be able to sell it for?
The clerk probably meant the other store was selling it for more they other store may have been selling it new or their prices are just a little higher...the worth on the other hand isn't that different.

Id say its worth around $180-$220 anywhere around there would be a fair resell price.maybe even a little more. depending on the condition.

Never expect to get more than what you paid for on a re-sell.

You could post an add on craigs list and list a selling price but keep the price negotiable.
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the one you suggested is close 336, but mine has gold hardware, a whammy bar, three humbuckers, and a gold plate past the bridge that doesn't seem to be there for anything except looks
Try listing it locally for $300 or a little higher. Someone will come around and buy it eventually.
yeah dude thats it, except the color is sunburst not red, but everything else is the same, is it worth $500 or could I get more for it since it's rare?
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honestly, i have no idea. i just remember playing one like yours before and LOVING it to death. i was after one for a little while but couldn't find it in sunburst so gave up on it. i couldn't tell you how much its worth because honestly, i dont remember!

post on craigslist (or kijiji or similar) for however much you think is fair. see what happens man. good luck!