so i just jammed with my bugera v22. however i noticed an issue.

amp settings at home were like master on 4, channel on 4. playing with the band, master was on 7 channel was about on 6-7.

on the clean channel, it was overdriven. i am assuming naturally cause im driving the power tubes so hard. right? drive channel just added more saturation and a deeper sound.

we tried to play sabbath paranoid, and the best i could come up with was bridge pickup, about 5 on tone, 7 on gain and guitar volume maxed. not bad. however at home everything was fine, but at full volume i got MASSIVE feedback. massive. all i did different was put the gain from 5-6 to 7-8 on amp and max the guitar volume. massive feedback.

dont even think of turining on an overdrive pedal. kicker is, the guitar has very very slight hum and would feedback when i didnt touch the strings. when i was playing, the feedback was gone but as soon as i stopped....FEEBACK!. it was cool cause most of that song is fast paced strumming/palm muting and no feedback occured while playing.

so are these issues a headroom problem? could i get harder el84s and have them stay cleaner at higher volumes and harder 12ax7s to pump more gain into them? would stuff like that help stop feedback from cranking everything too much?
All amps feedback to some extent when played loudly. You just need to mute your guitar when not playing.
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What pedals do you have in your line to your amp? You mentioned no overdrive, but do you have anything of a noise suppressor? This doesn't sound like a headroom issue, just a very common noise issue when there's no noise gate in the picture.
nope epi les paul custom. ok. so im pumping my junk up and thats normal. cool. but about the clean channel thing....thats just me driving my power tubes too hard right?

i was thinking if i threw in some new preamp tubes, got a extension cab, and harder power tubes i could play louder, with more gain, and less natural breakup on the clean channel.

it was a boss os-2 with the gain on 0, sound on overdrive, and volume 75% up...basically turning my pedal into a clean boost. but boosting the drive channel just made the feedback almost uncontrolable. its because the volume of the pedal was cranked.

really soise gate? couls it be bad quality patch cables or regualr cables? son of a B. thats another 100+ i gotta blow on a suppressor.....

lets see. delay, tuner, EQ, supressor, cab, tubes, eminence speaker, acoustic guitar......well shit im broke for a year. ramen noodle diet.
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well ya on the clean channel you are running into headroom issues. you could get hard tubes but imo 22 watts with the master on 7 is going to overdrive no matter wat.
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well what about my volume. what if i turned channels higher (say 8-10) and turned my mastr down to say 4-6?

would that help the headroom issue?

my other issue is i want to play in the house and with a band. seems like a 20-30ish watt tube with some mods and a 2x12 cab would do the trick, which is why i bought the setup. i cant use a 100 watt tube head in my house. it would need to be on like 1 volume.....and that sounds like crap cause you cant push any gain.
You definitely need a noise gate in your chain if you're dealing with high volumes of gain. It's a mandatory part of every rig if you want to control the noise your amp will make at those levels.
jesus. F me. really. F me. do banks give loans for guitar equipment?
i say bias it at the center, dress the wires inside the amp so the B+ and signal wires aren't close, etc. every bit of detail in an amp makes it scream. which is kinda cool.

maybe even dump some gain before some triode that clips heavily if ur capable of it?

i guess you can try a 5751 tube (lower gain ones) for a tad bit more headroom. at least in V1.

there are some tubes that are very microphonic. you might want to see if that's the case? both powertubes and preamp tubes. i think preamptubes are more prone to noise like that though.
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yeah but i want the gain. just no crazy feedback and just a cleaner clean channel. i want my drive channel well....driven. and i dont want to F that up by putting in lower gain tubes. if anything would i want higher gain preamp tubes (or better ones) ad harder power tubes for less breakup?

also, i plan on putting a eminence wizard in there. 150 watts and like 101 sensitivity. stock speaker is crap bugera and 70 watts. so wont that help give me volume and less breakup?
It'll give you a little bit more volume. But again 22 watts will not give you enough head room if you don't have it already. It's just not going to happen.
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