I have a PRS Custom 24, and have been using it since last september when i bought it, with no issues.

Recently (the last 2 weeks) the higher frets (~17-24) have started turning a bronze/gold color. It doesn't seem to affect playability, but i'm worried nonetheless.

I regularly clean my frets with aaaa steel wool when i change the strings, and have been doing that for months, and the bronze color seemed to go away when i cleaned them with teh steel wool, but came back a few days later (after an outdoor gig).

The only recent changes i can think of are that i recently used lemon oil on my fretboard for the first time, maybe that stained them somehow? It wasnt some generic oil, i went into SamAsh and asked the guy there specifically for oil for my rosewood fretboard, and i used what he gave me.

the other thing is that it has been really hot and humid here lately, perhaps the fret material is reacting to the moisture in the air?

If anyone has any insight as to what this could be and whether i should be worried, i would greatly appreciate it.

Yeah I got the same kind of issue with my Artist II. I tried polishing the frets with a microfiber cloth I have... it worked a little bit on some of them.
That's very odd, I never heard of it before. At first I thought this topic would be about the EVO frets (If that's the right name for them) They look a bit like bronze or gold, They're for people who have skin that's effected by nickel. Anyway, I can't imagine why this wouldn't be from the oil you used. What oil did you buy? Please link to a picture of it, It could help us figure out what your issue is.
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haha nah my jackson got some frets like that. no other guitars i own have done that, so i think it may be something in the material they make the frets with thats reacting with my sweat or something. i give all my guitars the same treatment with the same products and yet my jackson was the only one to have it.
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It’s just a natural reaction between the metal and chemicals in the air. Stop worrying about how the frets look and play more.
everybody uses that oil.

imo, you shouldn't rub the frets wt steel as often as you have been.

you're wearing and exposing them to oxidation.

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