Poll: How much of your gear is used VS new?
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View poll results: How much of your gear is used VS new?
All new
7 17%
75-99% New
7 17%
Over 50% New
13 32%
Over 50% Used
7 17%
75-99% Used
6 15%
All used
1 2%
Voters: 41.
As the title suggests, how much of your rig consists of new products you bought fresh off the shelf VS used/traded in/bargain gear?

Also, what gear is better to buy used instead of new and vice versa? Feel free to list or mention how large of a percentage of your gear is new/used.

all my gear right now except for a couple of guitars I bought used. If I knew more about the market then like I do now I would have held out to those guitars used too.
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Amp was bought new, delay was bought used, distortion was bought used, reverb new on super sale.

just depends on your personal preference. I like having new amps, but pedals I don't care either way it just depends on how much I can get it for.
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My guitars are all used save one.

I think used gear is sweet: It's cheaper, and it has this broken in feeling.

I just prefer it
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I would buy pretty much all of my gear used if I could find what I want.

Guitars, its harder to find the EXACT model / color you want used..

Amps, in smaller cities buying boutique stuff used is pretty tough..

If I could, I would though. If I buy something new, its because I've watched locally for months and it has not popped up.
Bought my Blackstar HT-5 new, the rest - used
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I bit over half of my stuff was bought new. For the most part I only buy new gear if I can get a decent deal on it though. I got my Single Recto halfstack for just a bit more than the regular retail price of the head alone so I thought it was worth it.
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Blackstar HT-5 - Unboxed but new (so cheap )
Yamaha Pacifica 112 - Used
Anything else is new

I'm a real fan of "as good as new" when it comes to gear. That said, my Pacifica is rather beaten up.
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For the gear I actually use, my Vypyr 15 and my tuner are both new. My SG is used.

However, the next amp and guitar I buy WILL be new and in perfect condition.

I'm deprived of new gear, I am buying a new Splawn and a new ESP M-II when the time comes.
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man if i had bought all my gear new I'd have 1 amp and 2 guitars. this way is much better.
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does bump and dent count as used?

anyway - over 75% used here.
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For pricing reasons obviously I prefer used. If I was super rich I would love brand new gear. But to me, for most people used should be the way to go. Buying higher quality used gear > buying lower quality new gear.
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My guitars are all used save one.

I think used gear is sweet: It's cheaper, and it has this broken in feeling.

I just prefer it

Totally agree!! Used gear has personality....the bassist I used to play with was totally anal about buying all new stuff and keeping his gear wiped down after practice...lol seemed crazy to me
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Yeah I know your talking about me LOL. I have been buying gear for almost 30 years though and got rid of tons I usually donate it to charities when I am done with it then i buy more new stuff. The only thing I have held on to is my 86' Cort I bought new 24 years ago I love that guitar and a Crate GX40C I bought in 92'.

no i'm like that about some things too. I still prefer to add my own touch to the guitars I buy whether I bought them new or used. I'd prefer to grab guitars new but sometimes that's just not feasible.
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I have a very small rig right now. I sold a bunch of stuff earlier this year. Right now I have 1 used electric guitar, 1 new acoustic guitar, 1 new amp, and 1 new pedal. I think I've bought 1 used amp, 1 other new amp, 3 other new pedals, and 3 used pedals in my gear owning past.

As far as new vs. used, I suppose it depends. I only buy used when I can demo it before I buy it. That's why I don't really order used stuff over the internet. I want to make sure that it works. New is nice, but it's expensive. If there is a used and new version of something I want, I try to make sure the used works and if it does I go for the used.
the only "new" guitar i have is the squire bullet my parents bought me 5 years ago. my main guitar and my acoustic were both bought used, my B52 AT-100 head(recent acquisition, love it.) and Crate were both bought used, the cab I'm using with the B52 is my uncle's which he let me borrow indefinitely.

as far as new gear - a boss GE7 EQ, a mxr dyna-comp, and a supa charger. my pedalboard is home made, and I have about 5 pedals I built from kits or schematics. don't know if they count as new or not.

i previously bought a Boss ME-50 new, but I sold it.
peavey vypyr-new
ibanez js100-used (400 dollars!)
i had a used epiphone SG with emgs
ibanez APX-new
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i've gotten serious deals buying used. i test stuff so i know it works etc. i've saved thousands literally.

i can't see buying new, unless i get an insane employee discount.
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suprisingly little of my gear was bought used. half my pedals, an electric and i actually bought a used acoustic today. i end up getting good deals on a lot of things though, like the bass i got that was half off because it was clearance. other stuff i bought and it shot up in price quickly, so i wouldnt have saved anything by waiting a bit and buying used.

i prefer to buy stuff used when i can, i just havent found good enough deals on the things i want yet.

but the acoustic i bought today is awesome. $150 for this beat to hell seagull 12 string, but it sounds nice. not worried about the cosmetics, but the thing sure has character.