the intro guitar reminded me alot of fade to black and orion mixed together....other than its not bad! its pretty good!
a nice ground bass would work well, plus the drums could have a slow beat, with alot of ride, vocals could be slow, nearly hummed.
Just my thoughts

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Is it just me or do I just hear an acoustic guitar? anorexorcist15 was talking about drums...
Criting as I listen. Back off the mic gain if that is what you're doing to record the guitar, because it is clipping pretty badly. I think you would have to adjust the rhythms to make this work in full band scenario. Sometimes they are just too hard to grasp with just a single guitar like this. Nice picture for the YouTube video btw. I do like the general melody/concept you have for that guitar part though. So overall it could be good/interesting, but right now it sounds like the equalivent of conception in terms of pregnancy. She hasn't even taken the pregnancy test yet. But it could be a great tax-paying adult if you raise it properly. Sorry for the weird ass analogy.

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