Hi everyone i have an all valve starfield preamp for sale

Up for grabs here is an extremely rare vale preamp made by the Starfield company in Leeds UK sometime between 89 and 92. Voiced and styled very much along the lines of Soldano's SP77, with the extra advantage of being basically four channel with all the options foot switchable. Channel one is dead clean and somewhat Fender-ish with a bright switch and an option on the front panel or footswitch to flick to crunch mode which then give's anything from blues to AC/DC tones, the second channel is kind off like a JCM800 but with its own subtle flavour, then with a flick of the scream switch on the front or footswitch it takes you into serious hot rodded Marshall territory, ive used Mesa in the title but this overdrive is alot more transparent than a boogie and is extremely articulate and pick responsive. Info on the Starfield company is pretty scarce, but apparently they were contracted by Ibanez to make a line of custom shop amps and guitars, but this one unlike any of the others ive seen does not bear the Ibanez logo which leads me to belive this was most likely a special order of some kind. Condition is very good, there is no footswitch included in this sale but any latching foot switch will work.

i'm looking for £150 for it , you won,t be dissapointed