While my Carvin LB20f was a great bass, I wasn't using the fretless as much as I thought I would so I traded it for an Ibanez SRX695DX. It's my first fretted 5 string, and for someone who loves the Soundgear necks this bass is a-ma-zing.

Plays very smooth, very fast. As someone who hasn't really attempted to adjust from 4 to 5 strings, this bass is going to make it easy. In a pinch I could probably use it as a battering ram, but I'm 6'5" so the extra weight won't bother me. Current setup is quite nice, although I might straighten the neck a bit more. Wonderful tone, and sounds like the bass is on fire through my Bluebeard Fuzz pedal.

The gloss, finish and top on this bass make it look simply amazing. The pictures I saw online didn't do it justice and the pictures I have here don't either. It's something that needs to be seen in person! Very nice. I'm not usually a gold hardware fan, but I think it compliments the look well. Ignore my reflection in the bass. Nothing to see here!

My SR700 has bartolini mk1s, but the Ibanez pickups (haven't looked these up at all) seem to do a pretty good job. A little quiet compared to my mk1s, but a very nice tone nonetheless. The neck-thru gives some great sustain.

I think I may be becoming an Ibanez fan boy. While I eventually would like a rick 4001 and possibly a warwick vampyre, my high end (for soundgears) ibanez basses are beyond bang for your buck, and I recommend both very much! Here are the pics :>

Mmmm, that is a beast! I love the gold hardware. Also, I can't see the point of having a 4 string bass. 5 strings makes much more sense

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Nice bass. I've played one before and it was really smooth. Congrats.

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While over time I have become disillusioned with Ibanez and their necks, I can certainly appreciate the fine basses they churn out, rarely do you get such consistent quality at an affordable price point.

Anyways, HNBD! May you drown out guitards with your low end, sustain for hours on end, and shake the booty's of every crowd you play for with that magnificent instrument!
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Dude, is that you in the reflection in the 2nd picture? Whoever that is, they look demonic.
thats a terrable bass. ship it to me so i can destroy it :p

great bass, hope you enjoy her.
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But yeah, it looks amazing. I'm looking at an SRX 5 string too =]

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Like the finish

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