Our newly recorded, shittily produced album is now on most major mp3 download sites, like itunes, rhapsody, napster, amazonmp3, etc... If you like Tenacious D, Flight of the Concords, and stuff like that you will like it. We do a lot of instrumental and improvisational stuff to. You should also check out our video for what we like to call our single, African-American Dragon, on youtube. If it the songs or video aren't up now, check tomorrow, cause it might take a bit to process.

There's a few songs uploaded to our profile if you want to take a listen http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/chodestra/
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i don't want to listen to a shittily produced album...
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That was a joke Darrel. It was produced at my house, and not a professional studio. None of us have the money to afford such a thing, so we just did it at home, so it doesn't have necessarily amazing quality, but it's still good. Plus the tracks on it are great, so regardless of quality it's amazing. So check it out before you say foolish things.
Special Boy: kind of creeped me out a bit, but it grew on me, still a little odd but nice guitar work. A little bassy but not too much, it;s good.

Blue Eyed Sally: Cool riff/jam that could have more energy with some lyrics, but your choice.

Blue Chode: Weird title, good bluesy song and such, not bad.

AA Dragon: Really catchy and neat. Good lyrics and such.

Overall: Pretty damn good, good voice, good rhythm, good everything. Better yet, it has the potential to be excellent everything.
Sorry for the odd/bad comment. Gave it a chance, thanks and nice job. Fur eal
Glad you liked it, and there's more where that came from if you want to buy the album. hate to charge $10 for it, but I don't really have much of choice money wise. I don't know if it's up yet though, but it should be by tomorrow or the next day.

And I suppose calling it shittily produced is a bit misleading. Like I said though, it just has a home studio quality about it (thus the bassiness of Special Boy (which is supposed to be creepy, by the way)).