I recently changed the pickups in my Epiphone Firebird Studio. Stuck in the new humbuckers and wired them so they're out of phase. The bridge position is absolutely fine; the middle position has the nasal, out of phase tone as I intended. The neck pickup alone though is odd. The core tone is fine, but the output is far, far lower than it should be and it's humming like crazy - more than a single coil would. The pickup has been wax potted, I've double checked I've put all the wires in the right place and it all looks as it should be. Nothing looks like it's badly attatched or in the wrong place.

Any ideas? The pickups read out at the same DC resistance before I put them in, so if anything the neck pickup should be a little louder - but it's not. Even with the bridge pickup quite low and the neck pickup up very high, the neck pickup is still about half the output of the bridge pickup and I'm getting all this hum. At first I wondered if maybe I had accidentally wired it as a single coil but the tone is just as the humbucker should be and yeah, looking inside the north and south finish leads are together, as they should be for a series link.

So... any ideas? I've never had this happen before, never heard of it happening before and can't for the life of me work out what's going on.
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Sounds like you might have your ground swapped with hot somewhere with the neck humbucker.
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Ẁell that's what I thought at first, but I've checked over it twice and I definitely didn't. I actually did swap the wiring around on the bridge pickup to get the pickups out of phase, but the neck pickup I wired completely normally - north start to hot, south start to ground and north & south ends together for the series link. And it's not like it's giving a parallel or split tone - the tone is the normal full humbucker sound. Just this odd humming and next to no output.
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actually, strangely enough I had a similar story to that. My bridge pickup (Dimarzio D-Sonic) sounded really quiet, like it was in parallel with the volume down. Turns out a wire broke off the back of the pot. you're sure everything is soldered securely?
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Yeah, I'm guessing just a bad solder connection. Check them all, make sure they are shiny and round, not cold solder joints, and check the continuity or resistances of the wires, to check for any breaks.

And the back of the pots may have had a coating on them, that may make it hard to adhere, and if it did, might have given it a bad connection.

And this question belongs in the Ultimate Wiring Thread *reported*


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