Hi guys (and girls)... I was wondering if anybody knows what amp Mark Knopfler used for the recording of the song 'Money For Nothing'. I know I can't replicate his god-like sound, but I love the overdrive sound he uses in the main riff of that song. And so recently I've become really obsessed over getting the same sort of buttery sound. I know he uses a strat and uses his finger but thats not what I'm after. I know I have no chance of replicating it but I'm just curious, Cheers
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From a Sound on Sound Article:

John Illsley in the live room at AIR Montserrat, with a selection of guitars...
"I remember Mark's Les Paul Junior going through a Laney amp, and that was the sound of 'Money For Nothing'," says Dorfsman. "We were actually going for a sort of ZZ Top sound, but what we ended up getting was kind of an accident. Mark would be in the control room and we'd run a lead out to the main area, and I remember getting a channel set up to monitor, heading out to the room to move the mics around, and Mark's guitar tech Ron Eve getting on the talkback and telling me not to touch anything because it sounded amazing as it was.
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It sounds like a cocked wah. I.E. a wah in a fixed position.

It was. Cocked wah going into a Laney, captured by multiple mics pointing every which way. It was a very arbitrary recording, lots of accidental masterpiece happening.