Love is a Powerful Thing

i recently wrote this as just a way to vent out some bullshit...
i love her so much... i might make this my first song...
[Edit] im just gonna leave it as a poem

You ask me...

Has love found you?
Why don’t you love somebody?

I answer...

Yeah, love found me.
Love took me half-way to Ohio.
Love was all I had,
then one day,
Love turned on me,
Love kicked my ass out of the car,
Told me I should walk the rest of the way.
I was completely ready to take that long walk.
But she wasn’t ready to wait for me.
Too long.

I’ll never forget.
It’s amazing what love can do.
Love makes you happy,
For the moment,
Nothing else matters.
Love can take that all away,
Love can leave you hopeless,
Grasping for air.

Love won’t let me live.
Love won’t let me forget her.
Love won’t let me feel the same,
about someone else.
I’ll never forget.
Love is a powerful thing.
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cool beans. does any one else feel like they cant tell if they like the song if you cant hear thy rhythm of it

8/7/09 man, the pear broke loose.

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