So, I've decided to start saving up for 1 guitar and 1 amp. I already know that I will be going to PRS for my guitar. So, I'm looking for suggestions on an awesome amp.
I'd like it to be a Head+cab, but it doesn't have to be.

I play in the style of:
Alice in Chains
Collective Soul
Alter Bridge

Mainly Alt Rock and hard rock, with some blues there.
All-tube, of course
Mesa mark IV, (Myles and mark both use this) or a bogner ecstacy (Jerry Cantrell uses bogners and marshalls)considering you have no budget posted. Also get a cab with nice celestions like vintage 30's or Heritage G12H speakers.

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Look at Mesa Rectifiers, they're used in some way with almost every band you listed. (Cantrell doesn't use them, I think)
Mesa Mk series, Mesa Recto, Crate Blue Voodoo, Peavey XXX, maybe try a Valveking as well.

Basically to answer the question, I need to think of what amps I'd least like to try for what I play. xD
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I think I've found the amp for me. I'm definitely going Mesa/Boogie. I haven't decided on one in particular, but I really, REALLY liked the Mesa 5:25 express I played today. Super awesome amp for a reasonable price. I might get the head, I think it's the 5:50 express. Very sensitive amp, does vintage and modern high gain well. I also fell in love with the PRS se custom 24. such a nice guitar for such a low price!
I love me some AiC tone so I'll focus on that. Pick up a used JCM800 from the 80s and send it in to Dave Friedman for his JBE mod along with one of his clean mods if you need that. Jerry's been using that in conjunction with the HBE mod for the last few years and it's one of the best tones I've ever heard. A Rectifier with a boost would be better for the other tones though.
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